Fifa 22 Received Title Update 4: What Are The Changes Made?

Waiting to discover the identity of the eleven champions destined to compose the Team of the Year 2021 (the announcement is expected for tomorrow 20 January), FIFA 22 received the Title Update 4 on all the gaming platforms. Let’s discover together the main changes made by EA Sports.

The FIFA 22 upgrade path, which started on 12 January in advance on PC, ended yesterday on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X Plus and on the Stadia cloud gaming platform. The changes introduced by Title Update 4 are multiple and affect all components and production methods. In FIFA Ultimate Team, for example, the appearance and functionality of the search filters for the market and the stadium have been updated, and from now on during the away matches the lines of the field will be of the color chosen by the user, not that of the opp In addition, a bug was fixed, which led to some players displaying a message of initialization during the matchmaking in Division Rivals, but without finding an opponent. The malfunction of the elegant conclusion counter for the purposes of the objectives has also been corrected.

As for gameplay, now the tense steps are more likely to be intercepted by players who are on the ball’s trajectory, while the help of his throws in situations where the goalkeeper is near one of the two poles has been reduced. EA Sports also improved the defensive markings of the AI-controlled companions during short corner kicks and removed some long-range animations that could occur when the controlled player tried to intercept a rassoterra passage or a short high pass In the Career Mode critical issues have been resolved such as the wrong generation of some young people (sometimes had disproportionate arms), the disappearance of names and numbers from the teenagers’ shirts, the unintentional blocking of young people’s progress, the unwanted shortening of contracts and

These are just some of the many interventions made by FIFA 22 Title Update 4, for more details, please consult the official changelog available on the EA forum.

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