Fifa 22, Mkers’ Record: He Has Two Teams In The Team Of The Season Cup’s Top 32!

Due to the excellent results achieved in the last FIFA 22 eSport competition, Mkers is the only pro-player collective in the world to boast two teams in the Team of the Season Cup’s Top 32 electronic art football simulator

The new Mkers goal in the world of eSports has been achieved thanks to the performance of the duo Oliver Uttgren (Oliboli) and Mattias Tolinsson (xOpTolle), qualified in the Top 32 of the prestig

Oliver and Mattias thus reached Prinsipe and Cosimo, the duo of veterans who distinguished himself on numerous occasions, as in the case of the victory of Prinsipe in FIFA eClub World Cup of FIFA 21 and the sixth place reached

Commenting on Mkers’ record among the teams participating in the FIFA 22 Team of the Season Cup between late April and early May 2022, Mkers’ eSport Manager Diego Hicham exults We knew that there was a new 2vs2 circuit, so we decided to create the Optolle/Oliboli team thanks to the experience gained in the Swedish National Team and their bond of friendship and synergy of play. We chose Italians as Masters and Swedish duo for the qualified, convinced that they could qualify without problems. And so it was.”

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