Fifa 22 Legacy Edition Beyond Criticism: Great Uk Sales On Nintendo Switch

Despite the serious shortcomings of FIFA 22 on Switch compared to the corresponding PC and (especially) PlayStation and Xbox consoles, in the UK the Legacy Edition of the EA football simulator is one of the most sold

The latest report shared by GFK analyses reveals an important fact regarding British consumer habits and, in this case, video game buyers linked to the FIFA series on Switch family platforms.

The domain of FIFA 22 in UK weekly sales is due to the commercial success of the Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch. Of all physical copies of FIFA 22 sold in the week preceding the Christmas holidays, 22% of them are Legacy editions.

To those who follow us, we remind that the Nintendian transposition of FIFA 22 differs from the major versions due to the absence of innovations in gameplay and accessible modes: it is basically a mere “season update” of the last two porting Switch

The numerous shortcomings of the Legacy Edition, on the other hand, have pushed the sector press to cut FIFA 22 off on Switch with reviews from the average rating ranging from 2 to 3 out of 10.

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