Fifa 22: How To Download The Twitch Prime Package With Lionel Messi For Free

A new FIFA 22 reward package is now available for Amazon Prime and Prime Gaming subscribers, this new bonus includes among other things Lionel Messi loaned for twelve games, really a nice gift for all FI players

The free FIFA 22 Prime Gaming Package #3 includes seven rare gold players, two choice OVR 82 player, 12 rare consumables and a loan Lionel Messi player for 12 games. EA recalls that “the Winter Wildcards players objects are available in FUT 22 for a limited period.”

You can download the FIFA 22 Twitch Prime free package by making sure you have connected your Electronic Arts account to Twitch, which is just to login to the Amazon platform and redeem the Prime Package

If you have any doubts, remember that on you find the guide to link Amazon Prime to Twitch, so you can take advantage of Prime subscription for the streaming platform and get free bonuses. In the case of FIFA 22 there are many additional content including a Twitch Prime package each month until September 2022.

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