Fifa 22 Discounted Further On Amazon: Let’s See The Price

On Amazon for the FIFA 22 Christmas offers for all consoles is available at a discounted price, only released on October 1, then two months ago. The game can be purchased at 26.99 euros for Nintendo Switch, 39,98 euros for PS4, Xbox One and Series X or 56,99 euros for PS5.

Most likely after the Christmas period will return to be purchased at the price list and purchase it immediately also, will be present additional bonus content, as a player not exchangeable for FUT, Mbappè on loan for 5 matches FUT, Alaba

Below are the links to the offers:

The game can also be purchased in bundle with 1050 points for 10 euros more or with 2200 points for 18 euros more than the price of the standard version, this special package is available for PC and all consoles except for Nintendo

This is the best offer to date to play after a short time from the Fifa 22 exit and start the climb to Fifa Ultimate Team and the online competitions that the game provides.

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