Ferrari Exports Series: Europe’s Strongest Driver Is The Polish Kamil Pawlowski

The second season of the Ferrari Exports Series, the GT championship organized by Ferrari in Europe on the software Asset Corsa developed by Kunos Simulations, ended with the victory of Kamil Pawlowski.

Virtual races but real emotions that took place yesterday evening, on the three tracks of Imola, Barcelona and Mugello, where the 24 qualified drivers in Groups A and B gave themselves battle, without exception of blows.

The absolute protagonists of the Grand Final were certainly one of the great favourites on the eve, namely the British Isaac Price and Pawlowski himself, while for the second consecutive year the French Arnaud Lacombe has stumbled into a series of race

The first race, held on Imola circuit, saw Pawlowski prevail thanks to a careful and concentrated race course, thus managing to maintain an unapproachable pace by the other drivers, with Price, penalized by 15 seconds for contact with La The situation totally reversed in the second race in Barcelona: this time Price himself took the lead following a mistake by Pawlowski himself and moved towards the finish line, inflicting more than three seconds of detachment on the Polish rival. The third and final race was therefore decisive, race on the beautiful and difficult circuit of Mugello. The Tuscan hills saw Kamil Pawlowski’s statement at the end of 30 minutes of race practically unexceptionable: nothing to do for Price in fact, who crossed the finish line in second place detached by more than five seconds, demonstrating the superla

An important victory in a series of exciting races that gives the greatest satisfaction to Kamil Pawlowski, a graduate champion of the second edition of the Ferrari Export Series.

The second season of the GT Ferrari virtual championship is therefore concluded, an event that has seen a resounding success of the public since the pre-qualifications with over 35,000 Sim racers enrolled. The main series of A and B races have subsequently shown that the level of competition has gone beyond the most rosy predictions, showing drivers whose driving skills have little to envy to the most established professionals. The success of having succeeded in prevail over the fierce and fierce competition is certainly another merit of Kamil Pawlowski, who has thus guaranteed the possibility to be selected for the Ferrari Driver Academy Exports Team for the 2022 season

The appointment for all fans is for the 2022 edition of the Ferrari Export Series. An even richer championship is expected to be held in competitions, emotions and fierce competitors to win the official championship of the red Maranello!

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