Farming Simulator, A Success Cultivated With Passion: Let’s Retrace The Rise Of The Series!

The journey made by Farming Simulator represents an incredible success story, linked to a concept on which nobody initially intended to bet.

Only the two creators, Christian Amman and Stefan Geiger, were convinced of the potential of a video game that would simulate peasant life in detail. And they were right. Within a few years, the Farming Simulator series has in fact transformed into the ascending parable of a completely independent production, able with its formula to conquer thousands of fans in a short time.

From the first Farming Simulator 2008, to the latest Farming Simulator 22, now available on PCs and consoles, Giants Software’s team has constantly expanded the boundaries of IP, introducing ever more advanced features in every new chapter. Among multiplayer options that now count on cross-play support, new crop types, seasonal calendars and Mod support, the Farming Simulator universe is much more faceted than it could appear at first glance.

To accompany you to discover the most famous cultivated fields in the video game world, we have created a rich video dedicated to the history of Farming Simulator. Presented in the opening to this news and on the YouTube Channel of Everyeye, the movie is already available: enjoy!

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