Farming Simulator 22 Available Today: The Launch Trailer Takes You To The Fields

After accompanying us to the south of France with the latest trailer of Farming Simulator 22, Giants Software’s development team celebrates the debut of the new farm simulator.

Starting today, Monday, November 22, fans of management and simulators with a rural background can in fact venture among the virtual fields of production, with the aim of erecting their own peasant empire. The adventure will kick off on multiple hardware, with the title now available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X Plus, Nintendo Switch and Google Sta For farmers who like to have fun in company, we remember that the support for cross-play for the multiplayer of Farming Simulator 22 has already been confirmed.

To celebrate the Day One of its latest effort, Giants Software’s team has published the traditional dedicated launch trailer, which you can find in the opening of this news. With over 400 machines, vehicles and tools among combine harvesters, tractors and much more, Farming Simulator 22 includes products signed by over a hundred leading brands in the field of agricultural activities. Following the calendar and respecting the alternation of the seasons, the aspiring farmers will be able to plant old and new crops, including olive trees and vines. To turn their harvest into processed products, the players of Farming Simulator 22 will also be able to build industrial plants on their own land.

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