Fantasy Figures: Joker Becomes A Gamer In The Crazy Commercial

Not everyone knows about it, but Figures Fantasy is considered one of the most popular mobile games from China. This is a role-playing game by Flow Entertainment, which collects over 100 million RMBs (equivalent to 13.87 million euros) from several leading investors such as NetEase.

But to make a big contribution to the popularity of the joy there seems to be its advertising campaigns literally out of the mind, which take inspiration also from situations and iconic characters building then over short hilarious stories that can attract the attention of the public. One of these advertisements, discovered by the well-known analyst Daniel Ahmad, even transforms the Joker played on the big screen by Joaquin Phoenix into a hardened gamer.

The commercial, lasting one and a half minutes, sees the famous character of DC Comics and his thugs encircling an ill-capitulated. When asked by Joker what makes him a special player, the man simply replies that, precisely, he plays Fantasy Figures. This follows various details and scenes taken from the game, with the Joker and his band watching with great involvement the action ending with being bewitched.

This is not the only crazy publicity created by developers: Ahmad himself shared another commercial where a man, returning home, suspects a betrayal of his wife. To find out, he uses a series of codes to get extra profits inside Fantasy Figures, and doing so, there are five men who suddenly come out confirming his suspicions. Marketing, you’re doing it right.

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