Fall Guys Season 6: Ready To Roll In The New Pipe Dream Challenge?

We are now on the eve of the launch of Fall Guys’ 6th Season: Ultimate Knockout, with the colorful battle royale preparing to open a new phase.

As tradition has taught, the new Season will bring with it a selection of five further challenges, including the new Pipe Dream competition. As easily intuitable by the name, this new level will see our roundish characters ready to crowd inside giant tubes. The latter will link different areas, each with obstacles of various kinds.

Once catapulted into the brand new and sparkling tubes, Fall Guys players: Ultimate Knockout will experience a camera change, and then be catapulted outside at full speed. At this juncture, using the right half-air timing can allow you to leverage the push to gain some advantage over other competitors. In this challenge, however, speed will be the key element, since predicting the destination of individual tubes will be very difficult, due to the constant change in the structure of the passages.

In addition to this bizarre new challenge, we remember, the challengers will try to accumulate enough crowns to unlock special customization, like the two new costumes of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout dedicated to the protagonist of Ghost

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