Fall Guys For Xbox And Switch Postponed To 2022, Is Official

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout for Nintendo Switch and Xbox will not be released this year, Mediatonic has announced that the versions of the game for the mentioned platforms will only arrive during 2022.

In fact, there was never talk of a launch on Xbox and Switch during 2021 but many people hoped, but things will not be the same and Mediatonic lets know that “interesting news will come in 2022.”

“We know you’re looking forward to Fall Guys’ debut on Xbox and Switch. There were rumors that wanted the game coming on these consoles along with Season 6 but now we want to specify that things will not be like this, so don’t look for Fall Guys on these consoles because you won’t find it at the moment. We look forward to sharing new information during 2022.”

Season 6 has brought Ghost of Tsushima costumes for Fall Guys, continue the collaborations between Mediatonic and famous IPs of the world of video games, TV, comics and cinema. A recent leak revealed Halo’s skin for Fall Guys and this led to believe an imminent launch on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, but as said the appointment is postponed to next year.

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