Extra Coin At Milan Games Week & Cartoomics: The Wardrobe Authors’ New Game

Several months after the arrival of The Wardrobe on PS5 and Xbox Series X Plus, the authors of the graphic adventure are ready to present their new production.

The Italian software house CINIC will be present at the 2021 edition of Milan Games Week & Cartoomics, scheduled for next weekend. From the showcase of the Milan fair, the independent team will present Extra Coin, thanks to a Demo freely playable on PC. The latter will offer a complete overview of the prologue of the adventure, but also some more advanced gameplay sessions.

The event will allow players to get to know Mika Wattson, a young man who was left alone in the world after the choice of his mother and father to abandon the material world to permanently connect to a social network. Determined to recover her parents, the girl is ready to face the world of the imaginary social The Arcade. A peculiar detail, within Extra Coin, each user can manage their profile on The Arcade, with followers representing a real in-game currency.

Between adventure and RPG, Extra Coin allows you to shape your alter-ego within the imaginary social, with a wide selection of aesthetic customization options and more. During the game, users will be called to make many choices, each of which will have an impact on the evolution of history, which will therefore be able to meet multiple different finals. Armed with a magical medallion donated by his late grandfather, Mika will be able to reveal the real identity of the users of The Arcade, thus bringing to light a series of dark secrets.

Extra Coin will be published on PC and consoles, with the launch window currently placed in the first half of 2022. Before going to the Milan fair, remember to read our interview with the organizers of Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2021.

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