Exports Reputation Report: Roma First Among The Clubs Of Serie A, Qlash Takes Back The Summit

The public of the Exports in Italy is growing and among the operators involved the perceived reputation becomes an increasingly important value. In the Italian market, Roma stand out for a positive reputation in the third quarter 2021 between football clubs and the Qlash among the teams.

The players of Fornate continue the domination on the scene: four of the top five positions are occupied by players dedicated to this game. These are the results of the Export Reputation Report, the research conducted by the Italian Observatory Exports and KPI6, a leading platform in real-time consumer research and monitoring partner of OIES, which aims to track the growth of the

Thanks to the use of KPI6 proprietary artificial intelligence technology, fundamental data have emerged, concretely translated through the use of the positive growth index (ICP), the indicator made by KPI6 which jointly evaluates the volume of conversations, l’engagement

Among the Italian Export teams, the Qlash (we tell you about the Qlash House) reach the first position, which, thanks to the victory of the Starcraft World Championship by their player Reynor (we told you about the genesis of the champion The second step of the podium is taken by Reply Totem, thanks to their arrival at the Apex Legends World Championships. Fifth position for Mackos who stood out for their victories in Rainbow Six Siege.

Top 5 Team Exports 1. Qlash 2. Reply Totem 3. Macko 4. Axolotes 5. Exeed

In Serie A, Roma is the team that has received the best reputation growth thanks to its Escors division. The Giallorossi have taken Milan from the top of the standings. Juve’s balance in third place, which dates back to the fifth of the second quarter. Verona and Fiorentina complete the first five positions. The club is over Naples, now sixth in this special standings.

At player level, as in the second quarter, Fortnite has been attracting the attention of the fanbase Esports. In the first four positions there are players of the Epic Games title. In this sense, AyarBaffo (fresh of the agreement with the Exeed team), Steelix and Snagged were able to move the majority of social traffic. An important contribution came from Mengu, who is back in top 5.

Top 5 players 1. AyarBaffo, Fortnite player 2. Steelix, Fortnite player 3. Snagged, Fortnite player 4. Rekins, Fortnite player 5. Mengu, Magic the Gathering player

As for commentators, Francesco Lombardo remains in the lead: his analysis of the League of Legends world is always very followed and chatted. Filippo Burresi, one of Rainbow Six Siege’s main casters, is in second place and only confirms the dominance of Ubisoft’s tactical shooter in Italy. Closes the top 3 Simone Trimarchi who recently started developing an analysis work of the world Exports. Fifth place for Roberto Prampolini.

Top 5 Commentators 1. Francesco Lombardo, Exports reporter 2. Filippo Burresi, caster 3. Simone Trimarchi, caster 4. Lorenzo Lollo, caster 5. Roberto Prampolini, caster

Among the games, we see FIFA21 again at the top of the ranking of the third quarter 2021. FIFA21 and Fortnite again show reputational growth outside the reach of the other titles in the ranking. The surprise comes from the arrival of Apex Legends (here are all the news about the Escape season) that exceeds in the standings Call of Duty and League of Legends. This is because, after the cheating scandal related to Call of Duty, many famous streamers (including Pow3r) have abandoned the Activision title in favor of Apex for their live.

Despite this, it is clear from the Report that the volumes of the #fixwarzoneita discussion are gradually decreasing: this is explained by the announcement by Activision of the arrival of an anti-cheat that should curb the problem of cheaters.

Top 5 games 1. FIFA 21 2. Fortnite 3. APEX Legends 4. Call of Duty 5. League of Legend

L’Esports Reputation Report is one of the researches in the database of the National Studies Centre for the OIES, the largest database on the sector in Italy. •Monitoring the reputation in the Export sector means attesting the level of the market in Italy • Luigi Caputo and Enrico Gelfi, founders of the Observatory – comment. The Exports Reputation Report is a very useful tool in this respect. Companies need to know which operators to rely on to develop business. This report is a valuable compass for market orientation. The commitment of the OIES to make available the most up-to-date research and data possible to the sector, with an ongoing monitoring activity and a national reference point, is confirmed.

• KPI6’s mission in the world of Gaming and Sport is to allow Brands to maximize the ROI of every euro invested in the sector. For this reason we have built an instrument, an observatory, which acts as a compass for investments, answering questions such as: where, how, when to invest and who to target it, says Giuseppe Lo Forte, Senior Insight Specialist of KPI6.

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