Exclusive Activision Xbox Total Games? Would It Be A Wrong Move For An Analyst

Microsoft has generated a real tsunami with the arrival of Activision-Blizzard in Xbox, and market analysts are trying to focus on the possible consequences that the gaming industry will face in the coming years.

The negotiations between Microsoft and Activision will be formalized by 2023, when Redmond’s giant will get full rights over all IPs of Call of Duty and Warcraft. Many people then wonder if Phil Spencer and his associates will decide to make Activision Xbox exclusive games, or if the plan provides for a different management of franchises that does not exclude PlayStation platforms a priori.

According to Karol Severin, analyst at MiDIA Research, making the Activision titles of exclusive completes would be an inappropriate move for Microsoft. According to his opinion, it is more likely that Microsoft Gaming will only reserve specific content for its users, or perhaps opt for exclusive time.

“Taking into account Xbox’s multiplatform philosophy and gamer-friendly, it is likely that they will follow not so much Draconian exclusivity as “advanced experiences.” The big hits produce significant (and often majority) revenues from Sony. It would not be financially appropriate to cancel such revenue. Being committed to a strong exclusivity could risk alienating users of other platforms, which still remain extremely valuable. Instead of focusing on the exclusivity of entire titles, Microsoft can act more gently, e.g. through early access (e.g. first month of the new CoD only on Xbox, not on PlayStation), discounts, exclusive gaming content,

Phil Spencer said he didn’t want to separate the communities that have populated Activision-Blizzard games to date, but Microsoft’s plans still need to be revealed in detail. Do you think the scenario Severin imagined plausible?

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