Ex Naughty Dog Joins Elder Scrolls Online Studio To Work On A New Ip

Quentin Cobb, a veteran of industry who worked as Game Designer in Naughty Dog (The Last of Us, Left Behind and Uncharted 4) and as Senior Game Designer in Daybreak Game

Zenimax Online, let’s remember, is the subsidiary of Zenimax (as is Bethesda) responsible for the development of The Elder Scrolls Online, and therefore specializes in the realization of multiplayer experiences. To this end, together with other talents like Alex Sulman, John Bautista and Chris Kovach, he laid the foundations for a new satellite studio by Zenimax Online, currently looking for many new talents.

There is absolutely nothing to be known about the new game. Cobb has simply described it as “the most exciting project he has been lucky enough to work on since [his] debut in the industry in 2009.” Since it is still in a primordial phase, it is very likely that we will have to wait years before hearing about it in a concrete way.

While we are at it, we remind you that Zenimax Online, like Bethesda, will become a Microsoft studio starting from the beginning of next year, when the $7.5 billion deal will be completed that so much has made industry discuss in recent years

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