Euronics Starts 2022 With The New Tract Discounts Pc And Gaming Accessories

Euronics opens the new year with a new special flyer PC and Gaming accessories, with a selection of products such as mouse, keyboards, headsets, gaming chairs, monitors and many other products on sale at special price online and in stores up to

Among the offers of the Special Gaming Euronics flyer of January 2022 we find for example the chair GoSmart Mobile 99.99 euro (various colors available), the bundle mouse and keyboard Trust Azor at 24.99 euro, Logitech headphones The Trust accessories line is also in promotion and in this sense among the products on offer we find gaming chairs, mouse and keyboards, headphones, light supports.

There are also more professional accessories such as transport bags, cases, cables, adapters and power supplies, modems, extenders and routers as well as software such as Antivirus, Anti malware and office suites. The offers of the new Euronics flyer are valid online and in stores from January 3 to 19 2022, availability may vary depending on the individual points of sale, so we recommend you go to the shop nearest you to discover the active promotions and other offers not reported

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