Eufloria Hd: The Strategic Ambient Comes To Nintendo Switch, Here’s The Video

Ten years after the original Eufloria’s PC and PS3 release, Omni Systems developers are preparing to launch the HD version of their original strategy on Nintendo Switch.

The Eufloria HD universe recreated by independent software house led by Rudolf Kremers and Alex May leads us to explore a dimension where the conquest of new alien worlds passes through biomechanical evolution and growth

The task of users is therefore to visit asteroids in deep space and use their resources to feed the plants and semi-organic creatures generated by the sons of the Mother Tree. The exploration of the Eufloria HD universe therefore passes through the planning of strategies to be implemented to have the best of the enemy AI, also eager to feed on the resources present on the celestial bodies that imperlify the alien landscape.

In this new version, Eufloria boasts a History mode composed of 25 levels and a Relax mode to live a more relaxed experience. Those looking for more challenging challenges can still try their hand at the advanced activities of the Screen Levels and Dark Matter mode. All this, accompanied by the original soundtrack of Milieu and immersed in a playful context that draws strength from a system to procedural generation.

The launch of the Eufloria HD Switch is scheduled for December 31st. At the bottom and top of the news you will find the images and videos of the Nintendian transposition of Omni Systems’ strategic environmental sauce that will soon be available in the digital store of Switch. By the way; have you already taken a look at our special on Switch games for less than 15 euros in eShop Discounts during Christmas Sale?

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