Etika: Youtuber’s Nft For Sale Dead Suicide, Fans Are Very Angry

On these pages in the past we have talked several times about Etika, YouTuber who died of suicide in June 2019 after suffering from depression and other disorders that led him to decide to end his life at a very young age. Let’s go back to talking about it because Etika’s name is back in the limelight for a grotesque and unbearable event.

Apparently someone has put on sale on Rarible (platform dedicated to NFT trading) of Etika’s NFT, in the images in question the YouTuber is portrayed in an extremely disrespectful way, in an image for example you see E

Strong images that have immediately unleashed the ire of fans of Desmond Daniel Amofah and those who for years have been working to carry on the legacy and memory of young YouTuber, particularly active in the community of Smash Bros.

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