Epic Store: Christmas Parties Are More’magic’ With The Free Game Of December 27

As scheduled, the initiative of the 14 free Christmas games on Epic Store continues. After the super gifts of Prey and Control, curators of the digital store of the US company invite fans of role-playing adventures to redeem a sparkling fantasy experience for zero euros.

Starting from 5pm today, Monday, December 27th, you can connect to the portal of Epic Games Store and draw on the list of free games to receive a copy of Mages of Mystralia as a gift.

Developed by Borealys Games, Mages of Mystralia is an action GDR with a visual from above that projects fans of the genre in a colorful dimension threatened by a dark force: our task is to wear p The long journey to take will give users the opportunity to gain experience and, with it, unlock more and more powerful spells.

To listen to Dealabs’ always punctual leader billbill-kun, from December 28 we should be able to download a copy of Moving Out to zero euros, and then wait for the afternoon of December 29 and the arrival on Epic Store for If you were interested, here you will find our review of Mages of Mystralia in its PlayStation 4 version, which landed on Sony’s last-gen console in 2017.

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