Epic Games Store: This Is Why You Can’t Buy Gift Vouchers

Just as Salt & Sanctuary is free on the Epic Games Store, the boss of the company that gave birth to Fortnite Battaglia Reale explained the reasons why a gift card system has not yet been introduced on the

In the middle of the Christmas holidays, in fact, a user asked Tim Sweeney directly on Twitter, receiving a rather cryptic answer shortly after. Without going into too much detail, the CEO of Epic Games has stated that the absence of a chance to buy gift cards on the company’s own store is due to the enormous efforts required for such an implementation. When it comes to efforts, however, we are not referring to the inclusion of the feature and its programming, but to the difficulties that would be encountered on a platform on which the profit margin is lower than Steam and other competing clients. It seems that the reasons are all economic and, as you can easily imagine, the answer was not received positively by fans, who expressed their dissent to Sweeney.

On the other hand, just a few weeks ago the cart arrived on the Epic Games Store, so that users can make multiple purchases even and especially during the period of the Christmas sales.

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