Epic Games Store: Next Week’s Free Game Is A Mysterious Gift

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The free game slot is accompanied by a special Christmas-themed image, which would make you think about the return of the free Christmas games initiative on Epic Games Store, as anticipated by the French site Dealabs.

Epic has not yet confirmed anything but according to how much leaked every day from 16 to 30 December EGS will give a free PC game available for 24 hours until 17:00 the next day. The first of the lot should be Shenmue 3, and the game of December 25 is defined as the most interesting among those given with the promotion of Christmas 2021.

Waiting to know more we remind you that from today and until December 16 you can download free Godfall Challenger Edition and Prison Architect, both will remain available for download until 16:59 on December 16. What do you think of the Epic Games Store initiative? More than ten free games as a gift during the holiday period is certainly an economic effort not indifferent to the company, but expects to further loyalty players to its store.

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