Epic Games Store And Free Pc Games: Here Are The Days To Keep An Eye On

In addition to proposing a 10 euro voucher for Epic Games Store, this year too, the Epic Games team has re-proposed the initiative that sees the Christmas period cheered by several tributes.

For 14 days, the digital store dedicated to active video players on PC will pay homage to a video game every day. Each title can be redeemed in a completely free way and will remain the property of the user even at the end of the initiative. The full list of games that will be offered over the course of the two weeks has obviously not been disseminated, but a well-known insider has offered several clues about what to expect.

In fact, the French insider active on the net as a billibili-kun has correctly anticipated the debut in the promotion of Shenmue 3 and Neon Abyss free on Epic Games Store. According to the latter, the Christmas selection chosen by Epic Games should include several very interesting titles, especially on some days. Specifically, the leader invites you to keep an eye on the following days:

Sunday 19 December;

Monday 20 December;

Thursday 23 December;

Friday 24 December;

Saturday 25 December: in this case, we even talk about the most interesting game of the whole lot;

: in this case, we even talk about the most interesting game of the whole lot; Tuesday 28 December;

Wednesday 29 December;

According to the reports from the bibile-kun, moreover, all the games proposed during the dei should never have been protagonists of similar initiatives since the launch day. All you have to do is wait to find out more!

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