Enslaved: Remember The Wonderful And Unfortunate Adventure Of Ninja Theory

Created by the authors of Hellblade, Enslaved Odyssey to the West is an action adventure inspired by the famous novel Travel In the West: a game of great quality that unfortunately failed to achieve the success hoped for (

Although the critics acclaimed it (here you can find our review of Enslaved), the project of the historic software house in England did not capture the attention of the general public and quickly turned into a resounding flop.

As is often the case in these cases, the factors leading to Odyssey’s failure to the West were many, all of them the incredible competition represented by a market that, in those months, engulfed PC owners, PlaySati

The video game scene of the time also proposed an infinite number of titles that used Unreal Engine 3 to chase the success of Gears of War by emulating its color palette with tones that turned on brown. The public rewarded that type of products and, in such a context, the glorious post-apocalyptic world outlined by the authors of Enslaved, paradoxically, I will represent an obstacle to the popularity of this new intellectual property, in spite of the

For further information, in addition to the video that is available at the beginning of the article, we invite you to read our last special with the memory of the unfortunate Enslaved entrusted to Marco Mottura.

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