Embracer Group Expands: Acquired Dark Horse, Spotfix, Perfect World, Digic And Shiver

With a move to shake the video game industry (and more), the Swedish holding Embracer Group confirms that it has activated to finalize the acquisition of companies like Perfect World, Spotfix Network, Dark Horse, DIGIC

The entry of these important realities into Embracer’s family allows the European group to gain an even more central position in the chessboard of the most influential companies in the digital entertainment industry (and beyond, as in the case of Dark Horse Media).

Thanks to its over 300 intellectual properties such as Hellboy and Umbrella Academy, Dark Horse offers Embracer the opportunity to extend its operating perimeter further, especially in the light of the many software houses that could draw on these IPs to make triple video games

Also in reference to the marriage between Embracer and Dark Horse, the Swedish holding company stresses that “this acquisition will strengthen its transmedia capabilities by adding skills in content development, comic book publishing and production of works such as films and television series. The 300 intellectual properties of Dark Horse can build an extremely solid basis for future development of transmedial IP, new opportunities for partnership and creation of licensed video games for PC, consoles, Virtual Reality and mobile devices.”

Since 2008, Embracer Group has been in control of publishers and developers such as THQ Nordic, Koch Media, Saber Interactive, Gearbox Entertainment and Coffee Stain.

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