Elite Dangerous Odyssey Gives Signals Of Recovery: The Update 9 Comes With The Vodel Scorpion

After apologizing to fans for bugs that have been raging since the launch of Elite Dangerous Odyssey, the Frontier Developments kids are publishing an important update for their space kolossal that introduces numerous optimizations and interesting content news, starting with

After several months of their latest social media intervention, Frontier representatives reappear on the net to celebrate the launch of Elite Dangerous’s Update 9 and describe all the novelties that characterize this important free update for those who already own

Among the most appreciated surprises of Update 9 it is really impossible not to mention Vodel Scorpion, a multi-functional vehicle to be placed in the SRV hold of your ship to undertake safer planetary explorations. Vodel Scorpion is equipped with a high-power laser and a battery rocket launcher Aculeus, a perfect match for both surface combat and to defend against attacks carried by any sentries and enemy spaceships nearby

In the long list of optimizations and additions of Update 9 we find a new series of Multi-Limpet modules to speed up mining and collecting objects in space, closing dozens of bugs and glitch, introducing a At the bottom of the news you can find the link to the Frontiers Developments forum with the complete list of Elite Dangerous Update 9 news, available today on PC. As for console versions, you will have to wait until the announcement of the launch date of Elite Dangerous Odyssey on PlayStation and Xbox.

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