Elex 2: No Dlc Scheduled For The New Rpg, Here Are The Words Of Piranha Bytes

In a recent interview, Piranha Bytes developers have come back to talk about Elex 2 and in particular about the possibility that the new RPG will be enriched in the future with the now ubiquitous DLCs. The team however stated that they are not a fan of additional content for a fee.

In a recent interview with Twinfinite’s colleagues, Piranha Bytes’ Creative Director Bjorn Pankratz and Game Designer Jennifer Pankratz spoke of Elex 2 and their relationship with the other partners. We think if people buy our game, they should get everything we planned to put in. Therefore, no new paid content is provided for Elex 2 after launch. Of course, we will closely observe the course of the game and support it. We prefer to put our creative energy at the service of a new project as soon as possible.”

In short, fans of the saga of roles signed by the authors of Ghostic and Risen will receive the complete package of Elex 2 from day one and will not have to expect DLC along the way. Before leaving, please note that on Everyeye pages you can find our proof of Elex 2.

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