Elex 2: Action And Fight In The Action-Rpg’s New Gameplay Trailer

The publisher THQ Nordic and Piranha Bytes developers are back to show ELEX II, new chapter of the Sci-Fi RPG series. The new trailer you can enjoy at the opening is this time totally focused on the renovated combat system of the role.

As you can see, ELEX 2 will give a wide range of possibilities to the player, who will decide on his own way of using and what weapons to take advantage of hostile alien creatures.

“The invasion has begun! An enemy force has landed on Magalan, bringing death and destruction to the planet and to all its inhabitants. There’s only one way to stop them: fight them with everything you have. Let the fire rain on them, hit with guns, bows, rockets or laser weapons. Attack them, split them and hit them with your sword, axe or chainsaw, whatever your weapon is. ELEX II lets you choose how to fight by using hand-to-hand combat, magic or remote combat, or a combination of all three. You can learn every skill and master every weapon: it all depends on you.”

Leaving you to the video view, we remind you that ELEX II will be available on PC (via Steam), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X Plus, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from March 1st. The pre-orders of the game are now available on all platforms (price of €49.99 on Steam, €59.99 on PlayStation Store and Xbox Store). Piranha Bytes has confirmed that it does not have any DLC for ELEX 2.

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