Elden Ring Will Not Have Any Rings Equipped: Miyazaki Explains Why

Unlike the heroes of the previous soulslike works by FromSoftware, the Lightless who will venture into Elden Ring’s Interregno will not be able to equip any rings. The same boss of the Japanese company, Hidetaka Miyazaki, confirmed this in his last interview with EDGE.

The Japanese master took the opportunity offered by the editorial staff of the magazine EDGE to highlight this important difference between the previous projects of FromSoftware and the experience of gameplay to be experimented by immersing himself in the open world dimension of E

According to Miyazaki, there would be “a couple of reasons for this choice. The first is that, yes, we have used the rings a lot in the past as equipable objects, especially in the chapters of Dark Souls, and so this time we decided to approach Talismans to explore a greater variety of ideas and design. The second reason is that, of course, the rings are already present in the game but as objects that have an involvement in the history and events experienced by the individual characters.”

For the exponent of FromSoftware, therefore, the substitution of the rings with the Talismans as objects equipped by the Lightless will give greater freedom in the development of the title, although knowing that “the rings will still have a special role within the world of Elden

During the interview, Miyazaki explained why he won’t play Elden Ring.

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