Elden Ring Will Have His Bonfires, All The Details From Fromsoftware

Like all the latest productions on FromSoftware, Elden Ring is also part of soulslike and thanks to the latest information released by the social development team, it has been confirmed that there is a mechanical like that of bonfires.

According to the developers’ findings with a series of images accompanied by brief descriptions, Elden Ring will be home to the so-called Site of Grace, places where you can rest with the aim of activating a checkpoint. In the event of death, the player will be able to return to life at the last Site of Grace visited. There is a second possibility: if there is an object called Stake of Marika in the vicinity, the player can decide whether to resume playing from the bonfire or to start again near the object. Unfortunately, the information released by FromSoftware does not include specific details about the effect of interaction with one of these Site of Grace, but it is likely that they will allow both to recover health and healing objects and to reappear enemies in the surrounding area.

Waiting to learn more with the start of the Network Test, we remind you that on our pages you will find Elden Ring’s’survival manual’ with all the new info on the gameplay. Have you read the first details about the differences between the graphics modes of Elden Ring on PS5 and Series X?

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