Elden Ring: Where To Find All The Bosses Of The Network Test

The Network Test by Elden Ring, scheduled for players who have registered on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, is ready to leave and show all fans a first taste of the Elden Ring gaming experience, of which you can,

Each code in the distributed network test will allow you to play Elden Ring for up to 3 hours within specific time bands: to allow you to do and see as many things as possible within the Interregno, so we summarized in this guide the position If you need more help, here is the Elden Ring guide for beginners.

Before proceeding with the actual guide, we remind you that the following paragraphs contain heavy spoilers on Elden Ring, so we recommend that you do not continue with the reading in case you do not want to anticipate anything before the official release of the game.

Godrick’s soldier

You will find this boss inside the Knowledge Cave during the tutorial phase: in particular, as soon as you have logged in to the game you will just search for a hole in the floor of the room where your character will wake up,

Sentinel of the Trees

After leaving the tutorial area and looking out for the first time at the Sepulchrid area, you will find before you a Grace (the equivalent of bonfires) and an NPC. Continuing northwards – in the direction of the light guide provided by the previous Grace – you will meet the Sentinel of the Trees: it is a huge rider on horseback, and to face it in the best possible conditions we recommend you to get the horse of

Dog Tree Sepulchral

To find this boss look around and look for the high cliff that surrounds most of the play area you are in: once you find it, you will notice two different catacombs (also visible on the map). Enter the westmost one, and you will find a locked door: continue inside the catacombs until you find yourself climbing a ladder. Once you’re at the top you’ll find a lever, and pulling it will unlock the closed door: beyond this door you’ll find the boss in question.

Beast of Farum Azula

This boss is located in the dungeon just east of what you have explored to face the Dog guard of the Tree of the Sepulchre, and the entrance opens on the same cliff as the previous catacombs. In this case, however, to find the boss you will simply continue inside the dungeon.

Flying Dragon Agheel

From the area where you will activate the first Grace, you should be able to see a large swampy area, clearly visible also on the game map. Reach the swamp and you will easily notice a sort of large funerary pyre surrounded by some undead. When you approach the dragon Agheel will appear and his boss fight will begin, at the end of which you will get an object called the Heart of Dragon.

Half men.

In this case the boss fight is represented by two creatures who will fight you at the same time, and against which will be very useful the heart of dragon obtained from the previous boss. To find them head towards the ocean and enter the Beach Cave: continuing inside the dungeon you will easily reach the battle arena. After winning the fight continue and you will arrive on an island with some ruins, inside of which you will find a special object.

Following Darrawill

To reach this boss you will have to follow some steps. First, move to the east of the initial area, and from here head north along the pebble path until you get to an area called Storm Gate, where you face many enemies. At this point, go into the valley in front of you and once you go out turn left and start heading south until you find a small crater arena: here you can finally compare with this boss.

Margit the Unwavering Presagio

To find this boss, you will simply continue along the road mentioned in the previous paragraph, paying attention to the great number of enemies that is between you and Margit. In case you want to know more about the game and the first impressions of the editorial staff about it, we recommend you take a look at our Elden Ring trial.

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