Elden Ring What Would It Be Like On Ps1? Let’s Find Out With The Exhilarating Demake

With the incredible scenes of God of War’s Demake PS1 still in our eyes we are witnessing the new, hilarious reinterpretation “in a nostalgic key” of another great GDR of our day, namely the soullike or

The artist of the new Demake in PS1 sauce, the youtuber that manages the Cloudless Studio channel, upsets the Interregno to imagine a technologically similar version to the 90s consoles as, indeed, the first

The results obtained by the content creator are truly incredible, considering the limitations that it has imposed to fit ideally into the specifications of 32-bit platforms. The film packaged by Cloudless Studio shows the activities carried out by Senzaluce in exploring the open-world map, with a lot of interface and animations that, although sketched and purposely “minimalist” echo the scenes

What do you think of this new amateur project? Before leaving you to comment, we invite you to read our latest special on Elden Ring and Interregno mythology, with a journey into the legends of the role-playing kolossal developed by FromSoftware and expected to launch on PC, PS4,

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