Elden Ring, Watch Out For Spoilers: The Alert After Ps4 Firmware 9.00 Hack

A short distance from the publication of the firmware 9.03 of PlayStation 4, the first reports of the complete hacking of the previous firmware 9.00 of the console arrive.

Among those who report the news, we also find content creator Lance McDonald, now widely known among fans of the creations FromSoftware. Directly from its official Twitter account, the creative alert the public to pay particular attention over the next few days, as the network could soon welcome numerous spoilers related to Elden Ring.

With the break of Sony’s firmware, Lance McDonald says, many dataminers will have the opportunity to analyze the PS4 version of Elden Ring Network Test in detail. As a result, it is very likely that hidden content beyond the boundaries of the map made available with the RPG Action test can be discovered. So it is not to exclude leaks of news about enemies, play areas, boss fights, weapons, tools and much more. In such circumstances, we invite those who do not wish to stumble into unwanted anticipations to pay particular attention to surfing the net.

In closing, we remember instead that it has been officially confirmed by Bandai Namco the absence of the dubbing in Italian of Elden Ring, that will propose in any way the support to the subtitles, as happened in the past for the games FromSoftware

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