Elden Ring, Waiting For Network Test: Fromsoftware’s’Survival Manual’

In view of Elden Ring’s expected Network Test, social media have a real “survival manual” for the Senzaluce who wish to limit to the minimum union the inevitable “You are dead” that have always distinguished the experience of the

The gameplay guide, which is packaged by Japanese developers, takes the form of several cards that provide advice to all explorers of the Interregno. Accompanied by images that take back the scenes of Elden Ring’s latest gameplay trailer, the cards describe some of the activities that will characterize the adventure of the Senzaluce, starting with the inevitable suggestion

There are also suggestions for the execution of critical shots to break the defenses of the opponent, as well as advice for the use of “fragments of grace” to reach places of interest and the reminder on the “Falò di Marika” While waiting for more details from FromSoftware, we refer you to our latest special on the Elden Ring gameplay that precedes the Network Test starting on November 12 on PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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