Elden Ring: Video Gameplay With A Powerful Mini Boss Leaks On The Net

A few days ago Hidetaka Miyazaki said during an interview that the open world of Elden Ring will push players to explore every corner and so did the leaders, who recently released a new video

The film in question, which as you can easily imagine contains spoilers on the game, although not closely related to the main activities of the story, has as protagonist a mini boss named Ancient Knight. It is a heavy-armed knight with a remarkable size who attacks the player with a sword to one hand and a circular shield with a fairly generous size. Like all other minor bosses in the title, who can meet around the open world of the game FromSoftware, once hired you can not see the classic health bar at the bottom of the screen that also highlights its name and needs Thanks to the dataminers we discovered not only his name, but also a brief description of him: he is in fact one of the sixteen ancient Knights who served Godfrey, that is the first Lord.

Waiting for official information from developers, we remind you that the Castle of Stormveil by Elden Ring was shown in new gameplay movies.

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