Elden Ring: The Use Of Torrente, The Horse, Will Be Completely Optional

The recent interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki by EDGE continues to bring out new sayings about Elden Ring and, after discovering the real reasons for the postponement of the title FromSoftware, here are the additional information about Torrente, the quarry

According to the words of the creator of the game, in Elden Ring it will not be in any way mandatory to use the riding for the stages of exploration or combat.

Here are the words of Miyazaki:

“We do not want to force players to move or fight in the horse. Instead, we want to create situations where the help of the ride is one of the possible strategies, so that it is up to the player to decide which to choose. Users should never feel compelled to do anything. As for the map and design of the clashes, due to the size of the game world it is preferable to use Torrente to move. Horse fights will also be part of the many possibilities offered to the player. So yes, we created the world with that goal in mind.”

In short, developers have created some places on the map and some clashes with enemies with the possibility of using Torrente in mind, but the final decision will be exclusively for the player, who could complete the entire title without ever using the steed.

Did you know that Elden Ring was influenced by The Lord of the Rings?

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