Elden Ring, The Collectors’ Edition Are Back In Stock: Bandai Namco Assault!

With Elden Ring ready to take the lead on the cover of EDGE, Bandai Namco’s team has reserved a welcome and unexpected Christmas surprise for the public, returning to make available the collection editions of the next title FromSoftware.

The North American store has in fact received a surprise restock of Collector’s Edition and Premium Collector’s Edition by Elden Ring. The video players from USA and Canada seem to have responded enthusiastically to the possibility of winning a pre-order…maybe with too much enthusiasm! Due to the high number of accesses, Bandai Namco’s portal has in fact reserved some problems in the creation of a new account. For this reason, the publisher was forced to temporarily suspend sales of the Collector’s Edition of Elden Ring.

A number of hours away, and after confirming the extreme limited number of available units, Bandai Namco announced a second sales session on the channels of its official North American online store. From 6pm local time today, Friday 17 December 2021, Canadian and US communities will be able to try again to win Premium Collector’s Edition and Collector’s Edition by Elden Ring. This time, Bandai Namco invites users to create their account on the store in advance.

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