Elden Ring: Stormveil Castle At The Center Of New Gameplay Videos

As we have already told you in our Elden Ring trial, the beta available to the lucky selected users allowed them to explore a generous portion of the map. In this regard, weeks later, new footage is still coming, showing unpublished views, including the interior of the castle of Stormveil.

The gameplay videos in question have only recently been published on the newborn YouTube channel that takes the name of ER-SA and that, for the moment, boasts the presence of a handful of videos dedicated to the highly anticipated product license plate From Most of the footage is nothing more than a kind of deepening of one of the freely explored places in the map, namely the majestic castle. It would seem that the user, attracted by the aesthetics of this place, decided to explore it far and wide to reveal to his followers every single secret and, apparently, something hidden has actually found it.

In addition to having identified an alternative path to reach the structure, ER-SA has also discovered a rather mysterious message and placed in a rather particular point of the map, to the point to make him believe that in the final version of the game from there it will be possible to

Before leaving you to the video series, we remind you that, according to Miyazaki’s words, the open world of Elden Ring will push players to explore every corner.

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