Elden Ring: Open World Will Push Players To Explore Every Corner

More and more information about Elden Ring emerged from the interview with EDGE microphones by Hidetaka Miyazaki, boss of FromSoftware who spoke for a long time about the game and its peculiarities. Among the topics discussed during the interview we will find the map, of which the game designer is sure that we will explore every pixel.

Unlike previous projects of the Japanese software house, Elden Ring offers players a huge open and freely explored world from the first moments of adventure and it will be this freedom that will leverage the user’s curiosity. Every corner of the open world hides characters with whom to interact, more or less difficult enemies to face to get rewards or beautiful landscapes to contemplate. The presence of all these elements around Interregno allows the player to never get bored during his journey as a Senzaluce and to be continuously enticed to explore the map to avoid losing something important.

All this is part of the philosophy behind the game and has been repeated and highlighted several times by the developer: the player must feel free to face the game in the way that suits him most. In this regard, in Elden Ring it will not be mandatory to use a ride.

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