Elden Ring, Horror In The Interregno: Ready To Collect Fingers And Languages?

While Hidetaka Miyazaki reiterates that Elden Ring will be the best game FromSoftware ever, the date of publication of the highly anticipated Action RPG is approaching.

It is therefore time for rating agencies to get their hands on the title to assess the content and proceed with the classification process. The European Software Rating Board, for example, has already had the opportunity to complete the whole procedure, defining Elden Ring as an experience suitable for video players over 17 years of age.

The choice to assign a “Mature” rating to the adventure would be derived from the representations of violence inside it. As easily predictable, Elden Ring includes in fact scenic effects related to blood spatter, screaming of pain from the affected enemies or, again, sounds aimed at highlighting the impact of weapons on the enemies. Me is not all: to this predictable review, is added a peculiar signal relative to the equipment on which the protagonist of the Action RPG can rely. The ESRB refers to the presence of “fingers and tongues cut between collectable objects.” There will also be the appeal for palaces whose ceilings will be covered with hanging arms or bosses ready to tear their limbs to have won it on the player (someone said Amygdala?).

Waiting for February 25, 2022, we would like to point out Miyazaki’s recent comments on the influence of Lord of the Rings on Elden Ring.

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