Elden Ring: Hidetaka Miyazaki Will Not Play It, That’s Why

Over the last few hours, an excerpt from the interview made by the magazine EDGE to Hidetaka Miyazaki, popular game designer and boss of FromSoftware, has been published online, explaining why it will not play Elden Ring.

Here is the explanation given by Miyazaki in EDGE number 367:

“You know, I probably won’t play Elden Ring because it’s a title I created. It’s kind of a personal philosophy. The experience would be without any uncertainty and unknown that only players who have never seen the game can have. Like I said, it wouldn’t be nice for me. If I ever change my mind, it would be the closest product to what I consider my ideal game. I wouldn’t call it the open-world game I want to play, but this is the open world that enriches the kind of experience I aspire to. To give you an example, if I were to explore a world of this kind, I would like a proper map. I would also like to see the possibility of reaching any element that is visible in the background. I’d also like to face a dragon in a spectacular arena. Things like that. These are simple elements, but Elden Ring includes them all and has allowed me to realize a dream, a game as close as possible to my ideal game.”

It seems that the famous developer who created Bloodborne, Sekiro and Dark Souls is not used to playing his creations. The most important aspect that emerges from the interview is his vision of Elden Ring, which is considered his ‘ideal game’. For the developer it was a kind of dream to make a product like Elden Ring, which uses open world as an element that enriches the traditional soulslike experience.

Did you know that the size of the PS5 version of Elden Ring was unveiled by dataminers?

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