Elden Ring: First Details On The Differences Between Graphic Modes On Ps5 And Series X

During the last few hours some important details have emerged regarding the technical section of Elden Ring and among the information confirmed by the same publisher we also find the first differences from the graphical point of view between the graphic settings available exclusively on the last generation consoles.

At the bottom of the page that presents the various features of the title FromSoftware on the various platforms, in fact, you can read the following sentence:

“According to the console, there are differences in the representation of grass and other objects in the ground.”

Although it may seem at first reading that the sentence is in relation to the differences between the versions of the game for old-generation consoles and those PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X, just note the table to understand that this is wrong. The differences are in relation to the two different graphic settings, thanks to which players can decide whether to appreciate a greater graphic detail at 30 frames per second or sacrifice the resolution and graphics to play 60 fps. It would therefore seem that the 60 fps mode does not just lower the graphic detail but also affect the amount of vegetation and objects that are part of the scenario.

Waiting to know more, perhaps on the occasion of the Network Test, we remind you that Elden Ring will support Ray Tracing on PS5 and Xbox Series X, but only after the arrival of a post-launch patch.

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