Elden Ring, But Not Only! Sabaku, Fossa And Mottura A Volta Libera, Between Splinter Cell And Ueda

On the occasion of the opening of Bandai Namco’s Temporary Shop in Milan, our Francesco Fossetti and Marco Mottura were joined by Sabaku no Maiku for a rich chat with friends.

Directly from the Milan store, the trio proposed a direct with relaxed tones, lasting about an hour. Many of the themes addressed: the unmissable Elden Ring, whose presence hovered in the shop thanks to the large statue depicting one of the characters of the new work FromSoftware, is obviously present at the appeal. The free chat session has crossed the boundaries of Interregno, with discussions also linked to milestones such as Shadow of the Colossus, ICO and The Last Guardian. The close video playfulness is also essential, starting with the announcement of Splinter Cell Remake by Ubisoft.

If you missed the live broadcast, don’t despair: the full replica of the event is in fact available! The 70 minutes of chat between Francesco Fossetti, Marco Mottura and Sabaku no Maiku/Michele Poggi can therefore be recovered directly at the opening of this news, as well as on the YouTube Channel of Every In wishing you a good vision, we remind you that you can find Michele Poggi on multiple shores, including the YouTube channel of Sabaku no Maiku and the YouTube channel of Sabaku no Pureyaa.

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