Elden Ring At The Cinema: Will Appear In A Commercial With Matrix Resurrections

Bandai Namco Entertainment seems to want to do things big with Elden Ring, and brings his new action-RPG to the cinemas on the occasion of the debut of Matrix Revolutions.

The news was spread by the publisher through his social channels, and confirms that in the UK, before the new film with Keanu Reeves will be broadcast, a promotional ad dedicated to Elden Ring will be presented. This will bring together two of the most anticipated products from film and video game enthusiasts, with an initiative that seems to underline how confident Bandai Namco is about the last effort of FromSoftware in which George R.R. Martin collaborated.

“He’s here! Watch our Elden Ring movie commercial as long as you can, enjoy Elden Ring on the big screen,” we read in the twitter below. “Have fun and be respectful of other viewers at the cinema.”

At the moment we do not know if the commercial in question will contain sequences, whether they are kinematic or gameplay, unpublished or if instead they will be taken from the old trailers already shown by the Japanese publisher. It is also clear whether the initiative will remain confined to the United Kingdom or whether it will be proposed in other countries.

Elden Ring is expected to launch on February 22, 2022 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X Plus, PS4 and Xbox One. We refer you to our Review of Matrix Resurrections to discover everything about the new film directed by Lana Wachowski.

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