Elden Ring And The Secondary Characters Of Interregno: A New Look At Boc In The Video Leak

After sharing a video leak of Elden Ring on the character editor, the youtubers who have been in possession of a pre-launch version of the soulslike kolossal of FromSoftware publish a new trailer that allows us to re

The new gameplay video leaked on the net takes us back to the Interregno area from which the adventure of the emuli of the Senzaluce will begin and allows us to witness, precisely, the encounter between the hero of Elden

The vispo character of this unusual secondary character is emphasized by the nice lines of dialogue with which he will approach the adventurers who will realize his presence and, having seen his meek attitude, will be so kind as not to attack him.

The video also shows some new areas of the Interregno that were inaccessible to the participants of the Network Test, therefore we prefer not to show further side by side with spoilers limiting ourselves to sharing the link on YouTube.

We remind those who follow us that the release of Elden Ring is expected for February 25 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. If you were interested, on the pages of Everyeye.it find

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