Elden Ring And Interregno Dimensions: Here Is The Weight Of Xbox Versions

While Elden Ring’s gameplay leaks continue to circulate on the net with a mini boss, the Microsoft Store database updates the FromSoftware’s kolossal soulslike card and leaks the weight of the

According to the digital columns of the Redmond store, anyone who wants to explore the Elden Ring Interregno will not have to appeal to anyone who knows what norean superpower to manage the hard drive: the title installation process,

The figure emerged from the Microsoft Store slightly exceeds the size of Elden Ring on PS5 unveiled by PS Store dataminers over the past few weeks (44,472 GB): regardless of its selection platform, the weight of the initial installation reported

Waiting to receive further clarification on this, we leave you to our special on the mythology of the Interregno of Elden Ring and we remind you that the new adventure of the authors of Dark Souls will be available from February 25 on PC, PS4,

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