Elden Ring And Graphics: Fromsoftware Tense After Demon’s Souls Remake For Ps5

Among the titles that accompanied the debut of PlayStation 5 on the market, the remake of Demon’s Souls was certainly the game that amazed the public the most, especially for the high technical and aesthetic performance developed by the authors

A result that surprised Hidetaka Miyazaki himself, who was fascinated by the solutions that software house has used to give Boletaria new life. The original creator of Demon’s Souls – and the subsequent Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – did not test the PS5 remake with his hand. The reason, he revealed, is actually very simple: “I simply don’t like playing the titles I have made in the past. It brings out a lot of memories, old emotions, and it all ends up being too overwhelming, and I don’t even feel like playing anymore. So, – it has concluded – I have not played the remake of Demon’s Souls, but I am really very happy to see it with this new look and a graphics of the new generation.”

The technical section of the reconstruction, has also revealed Miyazaki, has given some scratches to the developers of FromSoftware engaged in the realization of Elden Ring. “The level of graphic fidelity is not something we consider as an absolute priority,” explained the game director, adding that however, with the release of the new Demon’s Souls, “the staff responsible for the graphic sector felt particular pressure”. For this reason, during the development of Elden Ring “the graphic team and programmers have developed many new features, to create the most beautiful game ever made by FromSoftware.”

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