Elden Ring: A Spectacular New Gif Helps To Deceive The Wait For The Exit

Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated games in 2022 and fans of the From Software productions will not have to wait long, since the new Soulslike will be available from February 25th on PC and PlayStation consoles and

We have already seen the video leak on the foul creatures of Elden Ring, which strike for an inspired visual characterization, and now the official Twitter account of Bandai Namco offers us an additional, small but spectacular taste of the In the new animated image we can see in combat the Senza Luce against the fearsome Sentinel of the Trees, with the latter that triggers a dangerous magic rain at the protagonist’s expense, ready however to jump into action without fear in an

Unfortunately, no new information on the game has been released in the gif, which remains a pleasure to see while waiting for further updates close to the exit on the physical and digital shelves of Elden Ring. While there are not even some unpleasant drawbacks for a well-known chain of shops: EBGames had to destroy the advertising signs of Elden Ring because of a gross error, since Miyazaki’s name had been misreported, having transformed the

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