Elden Ring: A Particular Horse Is Driving Fans Crazy

While interesting videos from the Stormveil Castle, one of Elden Ring’s many locations, have arrived online, the community of the title FromSoftware is discussing in a very animated way a peculiar bizarre aspect of the

A post on Reddit entitled “Warning: Here’s a very important discovery” has in fact started a long discussion with as its protagonists the genitals of the quadruped. Everything revolves around the analysis of an old screenshot of the game showing the Senzaluce while, riding the horse, he makes a leap exploiting one of the many places on the map that, through a small geyser, give the boost to the animal The angle in which Torrente was immortalized has triggered the debate, because observing carefully the shape of the equinox is not clear whether its polygonal model includes the reproductive apparatus. What started as a joke has sparked a long discussion among fans, who have since split into two groups: those who believe it is an optical effect and those who are convinced that Torrente’s game model doesn’t lack anything.

Waiting for the game to arrive on the shelves next 25 February 2022 for a verification, we remind you that the use of the horse in Elden Ring will be completely optional.

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