Elden Ring: 60 Fps Framerate Also For Pc Version? Here Are The Details

After learning about the technical section of Elden Ring, players are preparing to welcome the first phase of Elden Ring testing, questioning about resolutions and frames. Will the PC version also offer a maximum of 60 fps?

The question is less trivial than it may seem, particularly after the many discussions that have surrounded the famous Dark Souls III for years. As noted by the PCGamesN editorial staff, the technical specifications of Elden Ring for PCs on the official website indicate, among other things, a maximum framerate “up to 60 fps.” This detail seems to confirm a hard cap of 60 fps on PC, as well, exactly as success for the last chapter of the Souls saga. Among the various technical information you can then see a maximum resolution “up to 4K” without any hints to the aspect ratios different from 16:9, and the support to the ray tracing that will come through patches, just like for the versions PS5 and Xbox Series

In short, waiting for official confirmations from Bandai Namco, it seems that Elden Ring will have to count on the skills of the modders that over the years have been able to adapt and improve the various episodes of Dark Souls. Pending the next Network Test scheduled on 12 November on social media, a real “survival manual” appeared for Elden Ring.

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