Efootball Pes: The Chaos Of The Export Scene, Worried Pro Players, Season At Risk?

Three months after the release of the game, the euphoria for the new edition of the footballer Konami was subjected to complaints due to many defects: from graphics to slow movements of the players, from the average reactivity to a bad system of passages and shooting

From one bug to another, in gameplay and graphics, eFootball 2022 (we invite you to recover our special on eFootball) has become the title with the worst ratings on Steam just a day after the

After a disappointing launch and the promise of a new version of the game on November 11, Konami postponed version 1.0.0 to spring 2022, as we know.

“It’s like I’m opening a door but you don’t know what’s behind it,” said Greek pro player Lazaros “Laza” Semertzidis. • Give us content and rewards. But in terms of professional or competitive tournaments, we don’t know what to do. We should keep training, right?” Laza has, in fact, continued to train with his national team and teammates of PES Universe, even if without knowing if the effort will be repaid.

This uncertainty is aggravated by Konami’s silence about the future of both the title and the new competitive season. “I spoke with other professional players and everyone agrees,” Yos said “INDominATOR” Sonneveld of Arsenal. • Konami did not submit the plan to the clubs for the export. Competitions usually start in December and now we have to wait for spring and we don’t even know what version we have to play.”

The situation is even more complicated for eFootball.Pro players, one of the main 3v3 competitions. In this case some players are contractually bound to play exclusively at eFootball, as far as the competitive framework is concerned.

“Some players under contract for eFootball cannot play FIFA,” said three times world champion Walid “Usmakabyle” Teban. “The others are absolutely right to play something else because waiting months is a very long time when it comes to export.” In addition, another more and more insistent doubt is added: that the transition to a 1v1 format is on the horizon for the eFootball.Pro scene.

“The Monaco let go of two players holding only one, it seems that it could become a 1v1 competition,” said IDOMINATOR. “There is nothing clear, so it is a terrible communication from Konami to the public.”

There are also no clarifications that tournaments will continue to run online due to the global health situation. The hopes of many eFootball players are linked to the upcoming spring update, which could lead to a revival of the game and a return to the competitive phase.

In short, there are many questions, many doubts and few answers. If it comes out in the spring there will be tournaments? Will there be a year’s worth of eFootball?

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